The Department of Agricultural Engineering is one of the seven (7) departments in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of the University. The Department envisioned Agriculture in Nigeria devoid of drudgery and hence, committed to high quality teachings and researches into engineering aspect of agriculture, ranging from land preparation to crop processing and storage. The Department focuses at producing graduates that will make the country industrially self-reliant while ensuring food security and fibre production for the industries.

The Department has close links with other departments, particularly engineering and agricultural sciences, in the university, governmental and private agricultural establishments, research institutions, industries and other Universities (both within and outside the country). The students at the undergraduate level normally undergo a six (6)-month farm/industrial training which exposes them to real life problems in farms/industries and how to proffer engineering solutions to such problems. Most of the time, they (the students) solve such problems through their final year independent projects supervised by experienced lecturers.

Goals and Objectives

The Department, being aware of the indigenous technological and industrial development needs, is committed towards producing graduates who can:

  • Identify problems and proffer engineering solutions to such problem(s).
  • Design and supervise engineering project execution.
  •  Design and fabricate (or produce) components, machines and systems applicable to Nigerian situations.
  • Import, adapt, adopt and install technology for optimal functioning towards national development.

In achieving this, the students are exposed to adequate general engineering backgrounds in the early years of their training, while towards the completion; they are exposed to Engineering Management, Economics and Law.